CTISS staff have experience of supervising MPhil & PhD dissertations on a wide range of topics in Translation, Interpreting, Applied Linguistics, and Deaf & Sign Language Studies, funded through UK Research Councils, Scottish Graduate Schools, Historic Environment Scotland, the European Commission or through student self-funding.

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Examples of Completed Postgraduate Research Theses

Christopher Tester

Deaf Interpreter’s perceptions and experiences of their interpreting process in the courts
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Dr Jordan Fenlon)

Emmy Kauling

Perceptions on the Discursive (co-)construction of Professional Identities of Deaf and Hearing Participants in an Interpreted Event
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Prof Graham Turner)

Danny McDougall

Space and the Role of Sign Language Interpreters in the Theatre
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Dr Annelies Kusters)

Natalia Rodríguez-Vicente

An Exploration of How Interpreters Juggle Their Role in Mental Health Settings: from impartiality to building rapport
(Supervisors: Dr Raquel De Pedro and Prof Jemina Napier)

Paola Ruffo

Literary translators’ perceptions of their role and attitudes towards technology in the context of an increasingly technology-dependent globalized society.
(Supervisors: Dr Marion Winters and Prof Graham Turner)

Robert Skinner

British Sign Language and Video-mediated Interpreting: proximity in police settings
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Prof Nick Fyfe, University of Dundee)

Mette Sommer Lindsay

Deaf-led businesses from a sociological perspective. A new emerging work space for deaf people.
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Prof Kate Sang)

Michael Richardson

The Participation of Deaf People in Theatre
(Supervisors: Dr Kerstin Pfeiffer and Dr Svenja Wurm)

Heather Mole

Perceptions of Power Dynamics in the Signed Language Interpreting Profession
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Dr Katerina Strani)

Nga Ki Mavis Lasne

Evaluation in English and Chinese Business Communication: an appraisal of text and image producers’ persuasion
(Supervisors: Dr Yvonne McLaren-Hankin and Dr Michelle Liao)

Ilgin Aktener

Censorship and Literary Translation: translating obscenity in Turkey after ‘The Soft Machine’ and ‘Snuff’ court cases
(Supervisors:Dr Marion WintersandProf Claudia V. Angelelli)

Pedro Castillo

Interpreting in the Media: Organisational, Interactional and Discursive Aspects of Dialogue Interpreting in Radio Settings. A study of Spain’s Radio 3
Supervisors: Dr Raquel De Pedro and Prof Graham Turner)

Robyn Dean

Sign Language Interpreters’ Ethical Discourse and Moral Reasoning Patterns
Supervisors: Prof Graham Turner and Dr Svenja Wurm)

Jules Dickinson

Interpreting in a Community of Practice. A Sociolinguistic Study of the Signed Language Interpreter’s Role in Workplace Discourse
(Supervisors: Prof Graham Turner and Prof Isabelle Perez)

Jiging Dong

Community Interpreting Service Provision and Professional-organisational Identity of Interpreters
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Prof Graham Turner)

Jonathan Downie

Stakeholder Expectations of Interpreters: a multi-site, multi-method approach
Supervisors: Prof Graham Turner and Dr Svenja Wurm)

Lina Fadel

An Exploration into the Semiotic Rationale for Gender Shifts in English-Arabic Literary Translation: the case of Toni Morrison’s ‘The Bluest Eye’
Supervisors: Dr Raquel De Pedro and Dr Chris Tinker)

Panagiota Penny Karanasiou

What is the Mandate Given to Interpreters in Business Negotiation Meetings
(Supervisors: Prof Graham Turner and Prof Bernadette O’Rourke)

Jo-Ian Lorrine Lee

Interpreting Students’ Interaction with CAIT Resources
(Supervisors: Prof Ursula Böser and Dr Maggie Sargeant)

Dolores Ruiz Lozano

Intercultural Mediators in Healthcare Settings: Roe on Patients’ Empowerment
(Supervisors: Prof Isabelle Perez and Prof Bernadette O’Rourke)

Eloisa Monteoliva

Understanding Interaction and Communication Flow in Police Interviews with Partial Use of Interpreting
(Supervisors: Prof Ursula Böser and Prof Jemina Napier)

Marwa Shamy

Language Specificity in Simultaneous Interpreting Pedagogy: the case of English into Arabic
(Supervisors: Dr Raquel De Pedro and Prof Isabelle Perez)

Stacey Webb

External and Internal Demands Faced by Sign Language Interpreter Educators and How They Contribute to Student Outcomes
(Supervisors: Prof Jemina Napier and Dr Svenja Wurm)

Lee Williamson

The Social Relevance of Research to Practice: a Study of the Impact of Academic Research on Professional Subtitling Practitioners in Europe
Supervisors: Dr Raquel De Pedro and Prof Yvonne McLaren-Hankin)

Xiao Zhao

Constructing Linguistic Identity and Interpreting: a case study of SL interpreting on Chinese television for high-profile political conferences
Supervisors: Dr Svenja Wurm and Prof Graham Turner)