Consulting Globally

Our research advances global practice as CTISS provides consultancy to a range of important institutions including:

  • The United Nations
  • The European Commission
  • World Federation of the Deaf
  • World Association of Sign Language Interpreters
  • EU Language Council

Public Policy Development

We contribute to the development of public policy through liaison with a broad range of organisations, including, within the UK:

  • The National Health Service (NHS),
  • Scottish Government
  • Scottish Police Force

and internationally with bodies such as:

  • The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO),
  • The Australian Court Service
  • The European Commission Directorate-General for Justice
  • The European Commission Directorate-General for Translation

Promoting Equality

A core area of impact for CTISS is the promotion of equality. This is a key challenge across culturally and linguistically diverse communities in our increasingly globalised society. Work in this area includes:

  • facilitating equal access to justice
  • ensuring language is not a barrier to receiving care and medical support
  • removing barriers to participation for deaf citizens

Improving Standards

Our work has been instrumental in driving forward regulation, establishing good practice and developing standard-setting, including in:

  • providing global leadership for ISO Standards for Community and Legal Interpreting
  • defining best practice in the sign language interpreting and translation profession
  • shaping the quality of translation and interpreting in proceedings ranging from criminal courts to radio broadcasts
  • shaping the design of standards for the NHS in Scotland, and
  • the creation of guidelines and training materials for police officers in Scotland and six European jurisdictions.